About pokitty.com

The domain was registered on a whim in September 2004 and mainly serves to host Ree's writing efforts, roleplay profiles, and web tricks of the moment (one of the latest being the dynamic blog on the front page). Its design (as of November 2012) uses images from CastleTrash.com (now defunct) and stylesheets by Ree, the site owner.

The meaning of pokitty

"Pokitty" means many things. It's repetitive poking (poke poke pokitty). It's a feline lacking proper funding (po' kitty). And now it's a domain name.

... Look, I had never had a domain name before, and I needed one to make the most of my web hosting account. I picked one off the cuff, bought it, and lived with it ever since.

About Ree

I'm Ree. I live in South Dakota, USA. I am old enough to legally do most everything that is ever legal, and young enough not to worry about aging (much). I happen to be female, pasty-white, and fairly tall. Most of the time, I'm pretty happy with that.

I tend to fill my free time with geekery. I flit through several online communities and roleplays. I'm also an avid reader, possessing several bookshelves as well as a pile of books higher than my head. The latter I've dubbed "Mt. Readme" and hope to pare down... eventually.

Ree and the internet

Like many Internet folk, I'm good with HTML and CSS. Unlike most of them, I have a distaste for JavaScript and an abiding interest in web accessibility and usability. I'm much better at coding than making accessible, but at least I'm learning. I am emphatically not a web professional and I'm sure that it shows.

Ree and roleplay

I am primarily an online freeform play-by-post roleplayer, with a hefty side of tabletop gamer.

I got started roleplaying in 1999 on the now-defunct SciFiSites, later TheSciFiVine. The site was rather rotten but the atmosphere was friendly and nurturing. Since that site closed, its members spread and built new sites like Bardic Web and Star Wars Epics. Profusion, the post-Vine roleplay/writing group comprised of the people and characters I knew the best, commands most of my roleplaying time. I also toy with bringing back my own closed roleplay board, Moonburnt, though problems periodically crop up to keep me away from it.

On the tabletop front, I mostly play Star Wars and MURPG these days. I'm game for most any system -- with the marked exception of a rather unbalanced homebrew DBZ ruleset that once keelhauled me but good. I think I have scars from that one.

Ree and literature

I read most everything I get my hands on. This sometimes includes backs of cereal boxes, political propaganda (which I then research and evaluate for myself), EULAs, and — once — the lines of my palm. I can kill an entire weekend on Project Gutenberg or Escape Pod.

I occasionally write myself: usually Very Short Stories (#VSS) on Twitter and some flash poetry, but there are a few more considered pieces.

other sites Ree wanders

contact Ree

The best way to get ahold of me is the contact form. If we have an Internet community in common (such as LiveJournal), feel free to contact me privately through that site instead.

About the meaning of life

The answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything is obviously 42. Beyond that, I know as much as the next guy. Best of luck finding out!

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