Code snippets

Small pieces of code to make your online life a little easier.

Recent addition: a substitute generic FeedFlare, configured by changing the URL parameters.

These bits are sorted by the site(s) they affect. How they work varies depending on the type of script.

If a link is broken, you can always look for the file you want in here. Please contact me with any questions or improvements you may have.

Universal Edit Button for Opera

You want the Universal Edit Button extension for Opera (not my creation). If you are inexplicably running an old version of Opera or just want to see my code, the old UserJS scripts are still around.


LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth, and other LJ codebase sites

Unless otherwise noted, these are userstyles that can be applied either as CSS or as Greasemonkey scripts. Most-to-all of these can affect either, both, or other LJ codebase sites simply by editing them to switch each instance of "" or "" to the domain name you want.


These tweaks require editing your entry template with the code provided.


You don't need these anymore. The sites they worked with have changed for the better. I just keep these for nostalgia.

UEB for old versions of Opera


Types of files

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