© 2008 Ree Tjeerdsma

This file was marked "Begun 10/14/2000." I rediscovered it in 2008 and decided to complete it.

Marcus began to feel his life drain away. He never thought he'd go out like this: sucked dry by an unholy monster. At least, he reflected, he had slept with her first. She was a good lay.

The vampire beauty let him go. Marc's legs refused to support his weight and he fell hard.

Why wasn't he dead?

A blood-stained face hovered in his hazy vision. "Pretty one," it cooed, and Marc realized the voice and visage belonged to his date. Somehow she looked wrong. The woman he knew didn't have such wild hair or feral teeth.

His gaze fixed on the vampiress long enough for her to notice his expression. "That's right, baby." Her words resounded inside Marc's head.

"Forget the feeding. Forget your loss."

Head whirling, Marc passed out. The vixen's teeth shone like polished weapons.

When he awoke, Marc found his head on the lap of his pretty neighbor Paloma. Tasty view. He shifted his head in search of a more delectable angle.

She must have felt the motion, because she spun her face around and locked eyes with him. "Are you okay?" she exclaimed. "After that dog attacked you, I thought you were dead!"

He nodded groggily. A vague memory surfaced: bloody canine teeth, accompanied by his wonder that he lived at all. "Me too. I'll be fine now. I think," he told her earnestly, "you just saved my life."

Marc couldn't see Paloma's predatory smile as they embraced. Neither did her whisper reach him. She had known he would be oblivious.

"I only saved you for leftovers, Marc."

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