A Maiden To Her Dragon Captor

© 2003 Ree Tjeerdsma

Wherefore didst thou bring me here,
To thy haven cave so bare?
I love the view, my scaly lord;
Now prithee do not drop me there!

Now thou hast me all alone,
Far from safety I did love.
I pray thee, sir, do not eat me!
My noble flesh is far too tough.

Lor! Thou hast a mighty tongue,
One so long and sturdy too.
This must be several kinds of wrong,
For I am noble, and, well, you —

Now doth I see mine garments gone;
Magma spit is quite a solvent!
Thou hast condemned me, in thy lust,
To live mine years out in the convent.

Nay, sweet lord, do not despair,
For the knights outside are mine.
I summoned them to tend my mess.
Thought you that you were first in line?

Royalty is not immune
To the rabid charms of lust.
Now you must die, scaled paramour,
To hide how many times I've thrust.

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