I Am Alone (working title)

© 2002 Ree Tjeerdsma

I am alone with just my phone,
The phone that won't emit a tone.
Well, not today, since, shall we say,
Our vagrant Ree feels "in the way".
Abandoned, cold, and far from bold,
Our oldest hints at pain untold.

"Apologise," she dully sighs
The "why"s of sorrow still defy
Her hopes to learn, and cease to yearn
For burning hurts she dare not spurn.

And yet she weeps, and seldom peeps
Or creeps beyond her spot of sleeps.

Her agony lasts endlessly
And we ignore the sick we see.
For we, the strong, shall never long
For song, love, praise, or even Pong!
We're sterner stuff than all this fluff,
And *cough* -- I think I've said enough.

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