I Cannot Cry Today, My Love

© 2003 Ree Tjeerdsma

Ode to and lament of self-injury.

I cannot cry today, my love,
I cannot cry today.
My eyes lack tears today, my love,
I cannot cry today.

Instead I bleed today, my love,
Instead I bite my wrist.
Instead I bruise my hip, my love,
Instead I scrape my fist.

That's how I cope with life, my love,
I cope by seeing you.
Your sanguine beauty stuns me, love,
Your brief touch pulls me through.

They'll say I'm strange and crazy, love,
They'll say I want to die.
They'll say such crushing lies, my love,
They never will ask why.

Imperfect you may be, my love,
Despite vermilion grace.
You are the best I have, my love,
The one thing that saves face.

I'll kiss you once again, my love,
And then bid you adieu.
Pretend I'm gone forever, love --
A lie I wish rang true.

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