unrhymed sonnet, for Jack

© 2002 Ree Tjeerdsma

Dost thou detest me, friend no more? Thou must,
Thou must! Thy acts belie! Long hast thy heart
Been gone from me. My kin and thine dost see
Thou not, despite their fervent wish and watch.

Relent! Indeed I shall, my dear, and ask
Which cause thou hadst. Perhaps a book to write,
'Tis said, didst occupy thy time again,
Or illness, foul intruder, caused thee pain!

But still, send word, if thou still care! O ice,
A man's cold soul! Inform thy kindred, soon!
They understand, as I, that thou hast else
To do, and yearn to help as best they can.

Reply! Art thou my friend? Can we go back?
I love thee still and wait, my squirrel, dear Jack.

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