Locks And Keys

© 1997 Ree Tjeerdsma

Leave alone that lock and key
'Cause maybe I like my privacy
Get away from my secret treasure
It's not meant for your own pleasure

That chest was hidden, buried away
In hopes that you might know someday
But it's not for you to know right now
Not that there's anything in it anyhow

You weren't supposed to find that key
For fifteen years it stayed on me
I should have known to never remove
The key to your very personal truth

Please understand, you'd just be hurt
By the answer lying under my skirt
Don't you dare lunge -- I'll fight
For this precious thing all night

There's nothing in that silly case
It's light as air, pure as grace
I know you don't believe my say
So go ahead, open it anyway

I knew that you'd despise the sight
Of the truth being brought to light
Well, now you've found out for yourself
Next time, leave the box on the shelf

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