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not much new today

May 1st, 2020 at 4:58 PM · wtf an update, technology rocks, 2020 means living in the future, has: images
I renewed my website's Let's Encrypt certificate. Apparently my host automatically notifies me when renewal is coming up; it wasn't actually due for a couple of weeks, but I'll be busy around when it would have expired, and this way it won't expire while I have eleventy zillion other things on my plate. Huzzah. (My web host doesn't support updating the cert automatically because they are backward and silly. Also cheap.)

There are not enough places to put all the things. There are not enough places to put things while seeking better places for them. The things are in all the places. Things are everywhere. There are no empty places in which to escape. This is a horror story without end.

I couldn't focus on more needful things, so I played on https://picrew.me/image_maker/315844 instead:

The figure in the image looks utterly exhausted. I think it's a fairly accurate likeness. The pic is missing the food stains in the shape of tiny fingers and the ponytail holder dangling somewhere off a rear strand of hair, so much of my mane having escaped that I forgot it had even been tied back. However, it'll do. (The paleness is 100% on point.)

a very good day

Apr 27th, 2020 at 4:30 PM · happiness, 2020 means living in the future, how time flies, friends, technology rocks, health
Today has been nice. I was able for some long-overdue catching up with a dear friend. It sounds like we both miss each other and are interested in spending some time online together, and we have the means to achieve that, so that's just yayness all around.

I had worried that, if I spent today chatting, I wouldn't get anything done around this house. That didn't happen. I think I actually got a little more done than usual, because I was looking forward to responses instead of sitting alone with my "welp, everything is terrible" mood. That's extremely promising for chat-housework balance in the future!

(Maybe I should have been able to figure out that, if I took better care of my emotional needs, life would go easier. But. Everything is harder lately, for pretty much everyone except maybe a few assholes. And I figured it out now and can use that knowledge, moving forward. Yay.)

I like today. It's very good.
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