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more fun with keyboards

Jun 20th, 2019 at 5:15 PM · 2019 means getting it done, technology rocks, happiness, wtf an update
On my computer, in any web browser, the spacebar scrolls one screen down per keypress. Shift+Space similarly scrolls up.

On my phone with external keyboard, Space worked as expected but Shift+Space switched keyboard language (in my case, between English - US and... English - US. Whoever chose this effect was not wise).

Turns out the secret is to install another software keyboard and set it as the default (it's still possible to switch back and forth). So now I have Shift+Space back and also my newly default software keyboard is Graffiti Pro (also available as Graffiti on Amazon Fire devices), so from now on I'm either typing like a real computer or writing on my screen like it's 1999. This is awesome! Whee, nerdery!

o/' I love keys, I love typing things o/' <3

it's aliiiiive

Jun 17th, 2019 at 6:16 PM · wtf an update, happiness, technology rocks, 2019 means getting it done
Typing is so much better than tapping. <3 It drives me bananas to fumble against glass, constantly needing to inspect my "typing" to see where a foolish-looking error has inevitably crept in. On a real keyboard, I can physically feel when my fingers slip wrong, and take immediate action to fix the problem. (If I didn't fix it, I would feel stupid. Nobody likes to feel stupid but I think I might like it even less than most people do.)

I do have a keyboard (<3!) but I just don't have the brain to do much with it at the moment. I made a little progress on rather a lot of ongoing projects today; nothing worth singling out, but taken together, it makes for a day well spent and a well-spent Ree.

I have been playing a little bit of Colossal Cave. Ironically, this has nothing to do with my dear keyboard (<3)—I found a Roku channel with a few vintage text games adapted for play without a keyboard and have been tooling around with it. It's hard! Maps help. (I also found a version for Android that supports voice input, which might be fun to yell Pokémon names at, such being the traditional method of playing with voice input in my family.)

I'm gonna sleep soooo sound tonight.

Take care!
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