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Vivaldi beta for Android

Sep 13th, 2019 at 3:29 AM · wtf an update, 2019 means getting it done, technology rocks
Vivaldi is a delight. My bookmarks from desktop synced over. Keyboard shortcuts I rely on Just Work (like Ctrl+Shift+N to open a new private tab). The optional dark theme may not be to my liking (not sure yet), but I appreciate the effort to relieve eye strain.

If this thing can get a decent adblock it will be unbeatable. Right now I'm keeping Javascript off, except on a few sites I trust to not do adtech at me (so Dreamwidth is whistelisted but most social media very much aren't).

Boo, it's stupid late and I need to sleep, but I want to keep playing with my keyboard and shortcuts and other fun things. I should probably be a responsible adult and get into bed already.


PS: I can use the arrow keys to select a mood. BOOYAH.

more fun with keyboards

Jun 20th, 2019 at 5:15 PM · technology rocks, happiness, 2019 means getting it done, wtf an update
On my computer, in any web browser, the spacebar scrolls one screen down per keypress. Shift+Space similarly scrolls up.

On my phone with external keyboard, Space worked as expected but Shift+Space switched keyboard language (in my case, between English - US and... English - US. Whoever chose this effect was not wise).

Turns out the secret is to install another software keyboard and set it as the default (it's still possible to switch back and forth). So now I have Shift+Space back and also my newly default software keyboard is Graffiti Pro (also available as Graffiti on Amazon Fire devices), so from now on I'm either typing like a real computer or writing on my screen like it's 1999. This is awesome! Whee, nerdery!

o/' I love keys, I love typing things o/' <3
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