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Mar 12th, 2021 at 5:09 PM · wtf an update, owning things correctly, life right now, 2021 means levelling up
I don't have much to say these days. I'm quiet and tired and basically okay, just... quiet and tired.

Words are hard. Communication is hard. I try to read my friends' social media and tap "like" so they know that I am around and I am pulling for them, for their happiness, but just trying to string some words together is usually too frustrating and ends with me canceling my unposted comment. I hope likes can be enough.

I am trying to pare down my ebook library to save some filespace and make it easier to back up. This goes against my squirrelly nature; normally I grab and stow absolutely everything that I can. I'm only just starting to rummage through folders and honestly ask myself, "Am I ever going to read this? Yeah? So I may as well start reading it now? Ugh, I'm not interested in this at all..." Some things I'm keeping (sooner or later I do think I'll come back to that collection of vampire stories; I generally do return to vampires) and some things I am not (mostly Victorian fiction that is public domain throughout the world, easily re-obtainable for free if I ever change my mind; and some nonfiction that should appeal to me but somehow doesn't quite).

It may be worth noting that, with me, organizing is generally a coping mechanism: something bothers me that I cannot control, but I can control this small, specific thing, so I am going to control the shit out of it. Pandemic (one South Dakota county had over 51% positive tests and what the what, WHAT). Insomnia. Parenting. Older parents. Everything.

Everything is kind of hard and I am slogging onward, one determined footstep at a time.

cool stuff on a hot day

Jun 26th, 2020 at 4:17 PM · wtf an update, technology rocks, 2020 means living in the future
I am not caught up on anything - so business as usual. It is eighty-freaking-three degrees where I am, and that's indoors. Things around temperature, humidity, and technology are yucky.

So I'm going to focus on some nice things.

I'm running a local media server. I'd toyed with doing so for awhile, and came across Jellyfin, which sealed the deal. (It's a bit like Plex and a lot like Emby, except all free and open-source, nothing locked behind a fee.) I downloaded a couple of old public domain movies and got to watching them on our Roku, by way of the Roku Media Channel and Jellyfin's DLNA support. And yesterday Jellyfin launched their dedicated Roku app! It's prettier and makes better use of the screen space. It kind of feels like a gift. I hope I am appropriately grateful.

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant are the best forever. (context)

Central air conditioning is wonderful, even when it can't keep up with the heat. We'd be so much more miserable without it. Similarly, dehumidifiers. YAY.


I still need to find the iPod charger and then I can use it to dump my entire digital music library into Jellyfin. Something to look forward to.

I should do more around the house though. Have several good days! Do it for me! Please.
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